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Welcome to Project UPLIFT!


Project UPLIFT is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help at-risk youth develop skills, through mentoring and coaching, that will enable them to succeed and contribute to our society.

Project UPLIFT seeks to uplift our surrounding community! We motivate young people in elementary, middle, and high school. Mentors/Tutors provide the youth with the structure, feedback and encouragement necessary to help them take responsibility for their own success.

The Need Rises, We Want to Help


Every school day in America, among all children...

•  1,186 babies are born to teen mothers   •  375 children are arrested for drug abuse
•  177 children are arrested for violent crimes •  2,756 high school students are drop-outs
•  199 students are corporally punished •  2,482 children confirmed as abused / neglected
•  16,964 public school students are suspended •  5 children or teens commit suicide

The challenge for today’s youth grows heavier each day. There are many boys and girls that struggle for the chance to beat those circumstances. The opportunity that arises from having a Mentor to help those youth make good choices, have positive guidance, and have hope for a secure future makes a world of difference.

UPLIFT 2 Success


The Project UPLIFT and the UPLIFT 2 Success Peer Mentoring Programs aim to empower youth in our community to make positive life choices. The mentoring programs use adult and peer volunteers for support, guidance, and friendship to these youth. By becoming part of the social network of peers a mentor can help youth develop and reach positive academic, career, and personal goals.

Our Mentors, Our Programs, Our Mentees


By participating in Project UPLIFT, our Mentors and Mentees take part in programs designed to stimulate and educate all parties involved. Some examples include:

1. Guidelines & Strategies for Effective Mentoring - We do our best for the youth, but for the Mentors also, in offering assistance and guidance for a Mentor to be the best that he or she can be. Each Mentor is meant to be a great match for their Mentee!

2. Creative Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution & Communication - Using the Osborne-Parnes problem-solving model, learning valuable conflict resolution skills, and gaining the ability to communicate effectively with one another are some of the best components of our programs.

3. Activities, Skills and Assets - Our Mentors work hard to train for having a Mentee that they can lend a hand to, and be a friend for. They plan a wide range of activities to participate in.

4. Children Learn What they Live - We strive to be there to help our youth grow strong, confident, and patient, with security, praise, and acceptance in a world of friendship and encouragement.



According to the California Mentor Foundation, 98% of youth matched with mentors stayed in school, did not become a teen parent, and avoided gang participation.

Project UPLIFT participant outcomes in 2009/2010:

• 90% of parents said their child improved their behavior and self-esteem.
• 80% showed a reduction in suspension days.
• 60% improved their grades

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