The Mentors


Why Should I be a Mentor? you thinking about being a mentor?  Do you wonder what a mentor is?  Would you like to help our youth and your community?  Is there anything better than helping our youth to achieve success in their life?
So many youth feel lost, need a person to trust, listen to what they have to say, and be a good example.  These youth can benefit from your experience, guidance, and support.  You have a lot to offer.
We are losing our youth to delinquency and crime.  Many of our youth are getting lost in our society and are headed toward academic withdrawal, unemployment/underemployment, and loss of self-sufficiency.
As a mentor, you offer a trusting relationship; provide youth with support and encouragement to make positive choices.  You do not need special skills. Mentoring is simply making a commitment to a young person who will benefit from a positive adult role model.  Mentoring is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.
Mentor Benefits

  • Gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping a youth.
  • Share your knowledge and skills to help our youth succeed.
  • Enhance your interpersonal skills through coaching and leadership.
  • Focus outside of yourself and experience diverse personalities and thoughts.  
  • Develop a deeper understanding of youth and societal problems.
  • Get the opportunity to shape the future and give back to your community.

Polish a diamond in the rough!
Create a legacy!
Ignite a spark!
Be a mentor!


Something to Think About...

As a Mentor, you'll guide youth and do your best to teach them everything that you can to help them better themselves and be positive contributors to society. However, there may come a time when you are unsure of what to do if you think your Mentee is being a bully, or being bullied by someone.

Here's some useful information on that very subject.




Meet Some of Our Mentors!


The Mentors of Project UPLIFT are the group of people that will be there for the youth of our community. Here are some of them for you to meet!

John Ervin    
John Ervin   "If you want to be somebody in this a mentor!

Mentoring provides me with nourishment to the soul; it brings me great joy knowing that I am making a positive difference in the lives of the youth I have mentored over the years. Each smile that I generate and life I help turn around through mentoring is worth more than its weight in gold and that... makes me the richest man in the world... richer than even Bill Gates!"



Shawn L. Jenkins    
Shawn L. Jenkins   "Mentoring is important to me because I had one. I was raised by a single mother and the discipline and work ethic my mentors (coaches) explained and demonstrated in my presence has been an asset to my life. I just want to give
what was given to me and be a blessing to some youth."



Herbert Lewis    
Herbert Lewis   "Being a mentor for me is about making a life-long impact to young people at the crossroads of their life. Being able to build self-confidence, knowledge, and motivation in young people is personally rewarding. It has been a positive experience to relate to young people growing up in the exact same environment I did, and to empower them."



Chris McCoy    
chris mccoy   "Mentoring is important because nobody should have to live life without some help along the way. Many of our young minorities don't have any positive male role models in their lives. To have strong, intelligent minority men and women in their lives, encouraging them to do well in school, service in their community, and always there to lend advice, help, or a listening ear is a powerful thing. I mentor because I love touching young people's lives. I've had many positive role models in my own life that helped me to get to where I am, and want to be a positive role model in young people's lives encouraging them to reach their full potential, offering them advice I wish I had 10 years ago, and being a joy to be around so that they enjoy coming back."



Ron Rozado    
  "The reason I became a mentor was because growing up I never had a mentor.  After losing my son, I reached out to my community to help others the same as I would have for my son.  By being a mentor my goal is to help young people achieve their full potential.  I want my mentees to grow up to be successful."



Miguel Sanchez    
  "Mentoring is important to me because, in our community there is a lack of African American male role models. I believe that our children need to see that success has no color barriers and that anyone -in this country- who wants it bad enough and is willing to do the work, can be successful. The investment of time that is necessary to be a mentor is trivial compared to the lifetime of impact that it can have on the outcome on a child's life. To me that is success and that it why I mentor."



Jeffery Williams    
Jeffery Williams   "Many talk about helping others, I wanted to be a doer...I saw what John Ervin had started and wanted to be a part of it. As a bonus, by having my boys participate with it opened up communication for us improving my father - son relationships."