What is a Scholarship?


A scholarship is an award given to a student based on a number of criteria.  Scholarships can be granted on Merit (academic, artistic, community service, etc); Need (financial); Student’s race, gender, etc; and/or Career (student’s major).

Scholarships are donated by a number of organizations such as Corporations, Banking Institutions, Foundations, Non-profits, Churches, Unions, and more.


How Do I Get a Scholarship?


Make a list detailing who you are and what you like, e.g.  Race, Hobbies, Major, Gender, etc.

Go online and search for scholarships based on your list.  Many scholarships target race, gender, careers, etc. so be specific in your search.

Check the criteria for each scholarship carefully.  Many require certain GPAs and written essays.  If you meet the criteria, don’t be afraid to apply.

After you have applied to some of these online scholarships, go to your school counselor and ask him/her what scholarships are available.


Some Scholarship Links


You may click here for a PDF of an extensive list of scholarship links and deadlines. Otherwise, please browse some of the scholarships listed below.


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Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students

Alpha Kappa Alpha Scholarships

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Athletic Scholarships

AT&T Fellowship Program

Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships

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Coca-Cola Scholarships

Cola-Cola Two Year College Scholarships

College Board Scholarship Search

collegeNet's Scholarship Database

Easly National Scholarsip Program

FAFSA on the WEB (Your Key Aid Form & Info)

FastWEB Scholarship Search

Guaranteed Scholarships

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Site

The Hispanic College Fund

Holocaust Rememberance Scholarships

InRoads Internships

Intel Science Talent Search

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarships

Jacki Tuckfield Memorial Graduate business Scholarship (for AA students in South Florida)