Vocational Skills


What is the difference between vocational school and college?

At a college or university, you study many subjects that overlap into different areas such as teacher (multiple subjects), engineer (chemical, electrical, computer, mechanical, naval, architectural), business manager (any type of business), architect (design of any kind of building), etc.

In a vocational school, you learn the skills needed for a particular line of work such as; plumber, electrician, welder, mechanical, etc.

What Vocational Skills are learned?

In a vocational school you receive practical job training in a hands-on environment. The job training includes many diverse jobs, including mechanical, carpenter, beautician, chef, electrician, truck driving, etc. Students usually leave the school with a specific set of skills they can use immediately and apply to their future career.

1. Hard Skills
Hard skills are what you need for a particular job. For example, hard skills for an auto mechanical include but are not limited to learning how to change oil, fix transmissions, air conditioning systems, electrical panels, checking and changing brakes, etc. These skills are learned both in a classroom and on-the-job. You normally do not need to learn concepts or academic theories.

2.Soft Skills
Soft skills are your interpersonal or people skills, i.e. how you interact with the public. Interpersonal skills include those who can solve problems, work well with a team, and have the ability to motivate others. They are an important part of any job, particularly a vocational job.

3. Technical Skills
Technical skills focus on computer skills, such as applications, programming, software, networking, server issues and fixing broken computers. Technical skills should be highlighted resumes.

4. Living Skills
Vocational living skills - or life skills - are usually taught to help people with disabilities transition to independant living. These programs develop the skills needed to work. They teach good work habits, responsibilities, and employer expectations. They also learn how to live on their own, such as how to cook, pay bills, and manage a budget.

Vocational Schools



Name Type Address
Abrams College Health, Business & Secretarial

201 E. Rumble Rd., Ste. E

Adrian's Beauty College Beauty

124 Floyd Ave.

California Beauty College Beauty 1115 15th St.
Community Business College Business & Secretarial 3800 McHenry Ave Ste M, Modesto
Computer Tutor Software Training in Accounting, Medical, Clerical, Computer Networking and Computer Operations 4306 Sisk Rd,
Hvac-R Training Institute Commercial Air Conditioning Systems 623 Bangs Ave,
Institute of Technology Business & Secretarial, Technical, Medical, Culinary 5737 Stoddard Rd,
Mission Hill Truck School Truck Driving 521 Bystrum Rd,
MJC Technical Education Auto, Communication, Graphics, Building, Electronics, Medical, Technology, Electrician, Industrial, Machine, Sheet Metal, Welding MJC, West Campus,
Paul Mitchell School Beauty 3100 McHenry Ave,
San Joaquin Valley College Business & Secretarial 1700 McHenry Ave, Ste 6, Modesto