Your Kids and College


Your child can get a college education. However, they must develop certain skills; work habits, discipline, and an interest in getting more education.  These skills can be developed now through mentoring.  Why go to college?  Youth learn to think in college.  It provides options and choices that encourage youth to make life choices and determine their goals after high school.

A college education is Important!

It provides a chance for a better future. It rounds out their point of view in life issues, develops their communication skills, increases their knowledge base, and exposes them to a whole new world of learning.

College helps them qualify in their fields of interest; whether it is as an innovator, inventor, healer, or artist, they can receive the training to qualify for those fields. They can develop their self-confidence and knowledge of governance. It instills a deep sense of right and wrong. College also opens the doors to career choices, further education, and teaching/mentoring others.

It is an investment in our future!