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Project UPLIFT is designed to provide mentoring and positive role models to at-risk youth. We provide mentoring in Education, Employment, Healthy Living, Community Service, as well as, One-To-One, Group, and Peer-to-Peer mentoring.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure all of our participating youth are successful, we monitor all academic and behavior progress of the youth. We want to be kept apprised on everything that is happening with the student at the onset, both positive and negative.

We provide tutoring, homework help, leadership development, advocacy, community service, recreation, and social and life skills development opportunities through our programs.

Our Programs


Please feel free to click on any of the headings below for more information about the mentoring categories, or for more information about the individual programs.

1-2-1 (one-to-one) and Group Mentoring
Bridge Builders
Teaches Young people particular skills associated with leadership, especially those attributes associated with youth empowerment.
Cross-Age Peer Mentoring/Tutoring: UPLIFT 2 Success
Peer mentoring matches older youth with young students in one-on-one relationships to provide guidance. Through this special relationship, peer mentors provide advice and support and serve as role models for younger people who need help.
Project Redirect (Juvenile Hall/CYA Mentoring)
Transitional and mentoring services for juvenile hall, foster and group home involved youth.


Community Mentoring
Community Service/Learning
Emphasis on teaching youth the value of service, education, civility, leadership, engaging and bonding with their community through youth led community service projects.


Health Mentoring
Healthy Me
Focuses on the importance of proper health, nutrition, and fitness from a youth perspective using a peer modeling approach.
Seeds for the Future
An urban organic farm project that teaches farming and entrepreneurship through the development of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and Farmers Market venture.


Education Mentoring
Am I Ready (AIR)
Summer literacy development and school supplies distribution program designed to get youth ready for the coming school year.
College "NOW" Project
College preparation and support to encourage youth to take college classes while still in high school.
Dr. Ronald McNair Science, Technological, Engineering & Math (STEM) Academy
Hands-on and interactive approach to science, math, and technology designed to stimulate under-represented youth interest in careers in science, math, and technology utilizing experiments and an inquiry based approach.


STEM Programs
STEM refers to the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM initiatives started as a way to promote education in these related areas so that students would be prepared to study STEM fields in college and pursue STEM-related careers. Schools with a strong emphasis on STEM education often integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics into the entire curriculum.